About Us


Life Bridge International Corporation is located in Riverside CA. It was formed with the intent of bringing ingredients of good quality and great price to the United States, hence our company name. Life Bridge International specializes in a wide array of products ranging from food ingredients, nutritional ingredients, APIs, vitamins, to thickeners. However, our specialty is certianly sweeteners!

Our ability to provide such a wide array of ingredients creates ample opportunity for not only use of our ingredients in products, but also the potential to enhance a product and perhaps even develop a new product concepts. That is just one of the ways we are distinguished from other ingredient providers; we not only are committed to providing good quality and price, but are also available to give suggestions on how our ingredients can be effectively used in your products.

Along with our manufacturers, we have a commitment to quality ingredients. We have made it a serious point to prove the quality, effectiveness, and price of our ingredients. In fact, our commitment to quality service can be noted with our compliance to regulatory mandates such as GMP, FDA, and certifications such as ISO, Halal, Kosher, SA etc. This commitment also extends to other areas of our company, such as timely service and professional communication.

We look forward to working with you in providing excellent ingredients for your products. By doing so, we know that we will be contributing to the health of individuals and to the health initiative present around the world.