Prebiotics & Dietary Fibers

Prebiotics provide food for the beneficial bacteria that reside in our gut and makeup a large portion of our immune system while helping us to absorb nutrients.

Dietary fibers help with digestion among other things from a health perspective and are great thickening agents in food.



A fine quality fiber and polysaccharide extracted from chicory or Jerusalem artichoke roots.  Approximately 10% sweetness of sucrose. Inulin can be found in dairy products, baked goods, confectionery treats, beverages, infant formulas, cereal, ice cream, dietary supplements, and functional health beverages.  Inulin’s health benefits include: Blood vessel improvement, weight reduction assistance, decreases glucose, treatment of constipation, metabolism support, skin beautification, treatment of eczema and intestinal cancer. Our Main source of supplied inulin is Jerusalem Artichoke and and Chicory but can also extract it from Agave based on your demand.

Prebiotics - fos-gos-imo- XOS

Prebiotic awareness has been a growing and overall trend in digestive health. Our product XOS short for Xylo-Oligosaccharide is a dietary high-fiber content powder that can be added to your smoothies, coffee, morning bagel and oatmeal and is incredibly useful in improving gastrointestinal health. Our Organic and Non-GMO project certified product can be aquired from our partner


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